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Foursquare’s website redesign

November 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Two weeks ago (15th November to be exact) Foursquare updated it’s website.  Why pay attention to a desktop update from a mobile checking applications you might think?  Because there is one great improvement…

What is this update about?

Foursquare desktop version

easy, two words: map integration. Foursquare  changes the map integration, making it larger (and even more when you select to expand the map)

Within the map Foursquare has made use of their user intelligence.  It shows your friends on the map indicating their avatars where they made their last check in.

“It shows everything interesting nearby – your friends, places that are trending (in yellow), places on your lists (green), places with Specials (orange), and places that are popular (blue). You can even drag the map around or zoom in and out and all the interesting places update automatically. “  blog.foursquare.com

This combination of user intelligence, friends and trending places, all with a local and time sensitive label creates a unique map. Great to explore (or discover as per Foursquare) you own region, or the region you are planning to visit. With this information a treasure of information is made available, and that treasure will only become richer and richer due to more usage, more places, more offers, … My time spend on this page will increase drastically.

Foursquare place page

There is of course more included in this update besides the map integration. The place pages also got an update.  Photos, tips, and information are presented better and improve the user experience.

Also included in this latest release there is the list discovery.

What are you waiting for? Go and check it yourself:  http://foursquare.com

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